Manufacturer or Represented Company

We provide: Development and positioning of the brand and its product portfolio in the national territory through a business plan.

Distribution Channel

We provide: Growth through inventory and profitability management, brand positioning campaigns, stock rotation and sales through strategic planning.

End User

We provide: Advice and consulting for whole solutions generating Profitability and Efficiency through trust and Technical Service.

Our job is to fully understand the most critical processes of end users and transform their problems into profitable solutions through our international partners

Our process can be explained in 6 simple steps:

icono reunion

a. Introduction:

During the recognition and introduction visit to the company, the Quinteros team is presented along with the benefits of working with us.

b. Process Mapping:

In a second recognition visit our expert engineers map critical processes after taking a tour through the plant or workshop to search for improvement opportunities.

c. Solution:

Our team of experts, together with our authorized distributors, analyze the information collected during the process mapping stage and generate a report pinpointing improvement opportunities to enhance end user’s productivity.

d. Test:

Quinteros’ team, through authorized distributors, presents improvement opportunities to the end user for their approval and fine-tuning.
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e. Implementation:

Upon test completion, solutions are implemented and processes and expected results are monitored.
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f. Follow up:

The team continues to constantly monitor the installed solutions and new solutions are proposed for previously identified or newly identified opportunities for improvement.