What is Quinteros? 

Quinteros represents and develops brands in Latin America. We manage activities related to positioning and billing for brands: Invoicing, quoting, technical service, training, guarantees, tests and marketing among others. 

Our representation model goes beyond dealer reach. We work with Colombia’s top productive sectors providing free counseling and consulting, optimizing processes through solutions we integrate using our portfolio. 

 Who are our clients? 

Our costumer base is divided in 3 fronts: 

Our representees  – We provide development and positioning for brands and product portfolios  through Colombia using a business plan.

Our distribution network – We provide growth through inventory and cost effectiveness management, brand positioning campaigns, sales and promotions through strategic planning. 

Our final users  – We provide couseling and consulting in whole solutions generating cost effectiveness and efficiency through trust and costumer service.


What is a representation model?

The representation model is an agreement endorsed by a contract where the representeenrenders the brand management for a specific teritorry and Quinteros develops and positions the brand and it’s product portfolio in the stablished territory through a business plan. 

Brands we currently represent

View our representees in this link:  – Business Partners

¿How can I purchase a product I am interested in?

Quinteros doesn’t sell directly to end users. You can purchase any of our solutions through the authorized distributor network.

View the list in this link – Where to buy

¿How can I schedule a date?

Contact us clicking this link:  SCHEDULE A MEETING or through this contact information:

CALLE 30A NO 6-22, PISO 32


COLOMBIA TEL: (+571) 743 6830